PMX 2016 Archive – Music


Music & Fashion Guest of Honor: Hitomi

President of @home maid café, member of the dance unit “TEAM Junjo” (TEAM pure heart), with her own fashion brand ...
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Special Music Guest Stephanie Yanez

Join us Saturday November 12th for a special performance from Stephanie Yanez! Stephanie Yanez is an Anime Jpop singer and ...
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A familiar name in electronic dance music in both the con world and the club world, Tw33k is always constantly ...
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“Friday“, (like the day where you start your weekend) integrated with the group with welcoming hands.  With his ability to ...
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Tory Trajec

A familiar name in several of the anime convention dances, Tory Trajec always brings in a new sound, and boy ...
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DJ Xonik

With a pair of decks, DJ Xonik is ready to go. With smooth basslines from Techno and energy from Electro, ...
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DJ Ouiji

We all want some funky beats and lots of BASS! And you sure will get them. PMX welcomes back DJ ...
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