Comfy Cosplay Guidelines

Let’s talk about cosplaying that is less painful to you. We will go through from head to toe (wigs to footwear), and talk about how we can decrease discomfort while wearing our gear during cons, events and photo shoots. Experienced cosplayers Mikarin, Hagi and Kagura will introduce some ideas that helped them in their actual cosplaying. Please do not hesitate to bring in your own tips and share in this panel. All of us will talk and exchange our tricks and tips in this panel to help each other.


Presenters: Yumiko Homsher, Erich Homsher, and Alexandra Mejia

Date:  Friday, 11/11/16

Time:  7:00 – 8:00 PM

Location:  Ballroom B&C, Live Program 1 (LP1)