IDOL Is BiS: A Guide to Japan’s Most Extreme Pop Group (18+)

In 2010 BiS took the world of Japanese idols by storm, and the scene would never be the same! Fronting the new vanguard of “alternative idols”, BiS (short for Brand-new idol Society) broke every rule of Pop music, turned the idol image on its head, and managed to capture the hearts of legions of fans around the world! A-To-J Connections’ new 18+ panel takes an in-depth look at this one-of-a-kind group and covers topics like BiS history, the many varied groups in the BiS family, the crazy antics and videos that shocked fans the world over, and what the future holds for this wild group of performers. Fan and curious newcomer alike, this panel will have something for everyone!

Presenters:  Justin Ashby, Molly Ring, Tiffany Fujii, Manuel Figueroa

Date:  Friday, 11/11/2016

Time:  10:30 PM – 12:00 AM (midnight)

Location:  Conference Center, Room 211, Fashion LP


NOTICE:  Panels and events marked with (18+) are for attendees 18 yrs and older only.  Attendees under 18+ will not be permitted or will require parental or legal guardian supervision.