Maid Cafe 101

This will be a fun and informative panel composed of maids representing different maid cafes in California, both from nerdy conventions and gaming/anime-related events, to talk about Japanese maid cafe history, culture, customs, and their different establisments. The second part will go into how maid cafes are reinterpreted in America and compare California;s maid cafes to each other (convention vs event, PG vs 18+, organization vs temporary cast, etc). The maids will share their personal experiences working in or attending a maid cafe and answer any questions the audiences may have. Demonstrations of maid etiquette and mannerism may happen if there’s time.

Presenters: Thanh Trinh

Date:  Sunday, 11/13/16

Time:  11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location:  PCC Ballroom A, Live Program (LP2)