VKEI Today: Visual Kei In The New Millennium

When X JAPAN burst onto the scene in the 80s, Visual Kei was born and it has entranced fans the world over since then. In this new panel from A-To-J Connections, we will take a look at the Visual Kei scene after its initial rise and fall and how it has evolved in the new millennium. We will delve into the evolution of bands like Dir en grey and MALICE MIZER as well as look into the scene’s current big stars such as DIAURA, Pentagon, and Mejibray. This panel will cover topics such as the fandom, the fashion trends, and tie-ins with other popular media such as anime! We will also take a look at the the impact Visual Kei has had on the music scene around the world and discuss what the future holds for this hard-to-define “genre”. Expect information, videos, giveaways and lots of fun! This panel will have something for everyone, fan and newcomer alike!

Presenters:  Paloma Malaga-Lane, Christina Aoun, Karen Martinez, Eunice Wang

Date:  Sunday, 11/13/2016

Time:  3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Location:  PCC Ballroom A, Live Program 2 (LP2)