Anime Guest of Honor: Masashi Kudo

Masashi Kudo at Pacific Media Expo 2016

Anime Character Designer & Director. Works include Bleach,  Hayate the Combat Butler,  Survival Game Club,   Ikkitousen: Extravaganza Epoch,  and more.

Masashi Kudo at PMX 2016!

Pacific Media Expo is proud to announce that Masashi Kudo will be attending our annual convention as an Anime Guest of Honor for 2016.

Mr. Kudo was an important part of the Bleach anime adaptation where he worked as the iconic character designer for the series. He also worked in a variety of roles on several episodes as animation director, storyboard, episode director, key animation and layout supervisor. Outside of Bleach, Mr. Kudo did the character designs for Hayate the Combat Butler, Survival Game Club, Maoyu and Wings of Rean as well as being the director of Re-Kan and Kyo no Asuka Show. In Ikkitousen: Extravaganza Epoch, he was the director, storyboard artist and the chief animation director.

We are happy to welcome Mr. Masashi Kudo as a Guest of Honor for Pacific Media Expo 2016!