KUMITE: Kickboxing Tournament

kumite kickboxing tournament at Pacific Media Expo

With the success of Pacific Media Expo 2014’s Kickboxing tournament, PMX will officially add that event to our roster of martial arts tournaments as the KUMITE.  Beginning kickboxing competitors with little to no experience competing are welcome to compete in this new and exciting tournament.

The Japanese term “kumite” refers to a form of freelance sparring with your hands and feet. This event will be no different with combatants from all weight categories competing for the top spot.  This event will be open to all martial arts systems that have a form of hand and foot sparring.  Gloves and Shin/foot protection is a requirement as well as head protection.  We will be accepting a minimum of 2 and a max of 4 competitors for each division with 1 alternate.

This event will be held early Saturday evening and will allow those who’ve spent a long day at PMX great entertainment for the evening.

Registration is now open!

PMX Kumite Kickboxing Tournament Registration begins here. Please fill out the Google form and then proceed to bunal.storenvy.com for payment. Any questions or concerns can be directed to martialarts@pacificmediaexpo.com



We are proud to announce that Humility Through Pain will have a table at our tournament where you can purchase Muay Thai themed T-shirts. Please visit their website at humilitythroughpain.com


Anyone interested in tabling at or sponsoring one of the tournaments, please fill out this form and we’ll contact you!