Hall Cosplay

Anime, Visual Kei, Goth, Lolita, Gaming, Manwha, Asian Cinema, whatever your genre — show off your skills at PMX! Everyone is welcome to wear costumes and show their fashion while enjoying the convention. However, please read and follow the Weapons Policy to ensure you have the best possible cosplay experience.

Any genre of cosplay is allowed in the halls, but costumes must be suitable for all audiences. Pacific Media Expo is a family-friendly event attended by people of all ages. Please keep this in mind when designing and choosing your costumes, and allow your common sense and good taste to prevail. Pacific Media Expo reserves the right to deem a costume as unacceptable, and we will request the wearer to make modifications as necessary. If it’s not “PG”, don’t hesitate to contact the Cosplay department for advice.

While we encourage all attendees to be creative and to have fun, having fun does not require leaving one’s manners at the door. Please exhibit appropriate behavior at all times in the halls.

The rules are:

  • Refrain from obscene gestures and displays.
  • Respect the personal space of others. Do not hug strangers without permission. Absolutely no glomping or inappropriate touching.
  • No “horseplay” (unruly physical behavior that might injure other people or damage property).

If you experience harassment from other attendees, please don’t hesitate to report it to PMX Security or any Cosplay Department Staff. The Security Office and the Cosplay Office is located at the Pasadena Convention Center Conference Center Room 208.